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Carbonated Memories

Refreshing Beverges with Nostalgic Flavours

Crafted With Quality

At Bubbl Goli Soda, we believe in using only the best natural ingredients to create our drinks. Our soda flavors are inspired by the classics and infused with a touch of nostalgia.
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Why choose Bubbl?


Carbonated Memories

Each sip of our sodas is a journey through time, evoking memories of your favorite childhood drinks.


Low Sugar

We understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which is why our sodas are low in sugar.


Unique Flavors

Our soda flavors are unique and crafted to provide a refreshing and satisfying experience.


Contemporary Touch

While we cherish the classics, we also incorporate a contemporary touch to our drinks to appeal to modern taste buds.

Our Flavours

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Red Guawa



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Our Story

Crafting Memories since 2023

Bubbl Goli Soda was founded with a vision to create unique and refreshing soda flavors that evoke memories of the classics. We are committed to crafting our sodas with quality ingredients and a contemporary touch to offer a satisfying experience to our customers.

Bubbl Goli Soda:
Relive Your Childhood Memories

Remember your summer holidays, those endless hours of play, the laughter of your friends, how you would crave for something cold & refreshing. Meet Bubble Goli Soda! Relive your childhood memories by popping open the cap, take a sip, and let the memories wash over you! Don't forget to share it with the next generation and remind them of what they are missing out on!

Crafted with reduced sugar and premium ingredients, our innovative smart bottles ensure modern hygiene without compromising on nostalgia. Dive into a sip that bridges memories of the past with today's health-conscious commitment.

Developed by Harshad Sangale